Product Destruction Los Angeles

Product destruction in Los Angeles is a safe and effective way to discard of hazardous materials and sensitive equipment. Light bulbs can ruin a claim to be green. Hard drives with personal information need to be shredded. Sledgehammer Product Destruction handle all forms of waste that are too important or too toxic to be removed by the municipal garbage company.

When do I need a product destruction company?

Organics waste and equipment destruction for businesses are services that your local garbage disposal firm cannot handle. Even most hired companies cannot get the job done.

From chemicals to trade secrets, there are many forms of waste that require a specialty company to ensure destruction. Some products must be destroyed this way by law.

Sensitive equipment destruction

There are many types of equipment that you need to thoroughly destroy. These include manufacturing devices, servers with business secrets, hard drives, toxic waste containers, and more. Even products can be sensitive if they reveal something important.

Special procedures need to be taken in each case to destroy equipment effectively and securely. This is particularly a concern when your company is on the line.

How do I destroy my electronics?

Corporate electronics contain data that the rest of the world cannot see. Customer accounts, personal accounts, payroll information, patents, and more reside on your corporate servers and computers.

Getting rid of this e-waste is more complicated than throwing it in the local landfill. Hard drives must be shredded to until the pieces can no longer fit together. Computer forensics reached the point where even broken drives contain extractable information.

What if my waste contains chemicals?

Chemicals leach into landfills and contaminate the water underneath. To avoid this problem, you need to find a company that can scrub equipment of all traces of these dangerous compounds and properly dispose of the resulting waste.

Sledgehammer Product Destruction knows how to get rid of bulb and ballast waste without raising concern. Our practices work and we strive to keep them affordable. Clothing, furniture, appliances, and counterfeit merchandise can all be as dangerous as low-grade medical waste.

Waste hauling in California

Businesses not only dispose of hazardous material but get rid of large quantities of waste. Your business needs a solution that can pick up a fleet of garbage.

Our team provides 53-foot trailers, 40-yard roll-off box trucks, and cargo vans for the explicit purpose of moving your waste. Our 0roduct recycling serving Corona CA extends far beyond the city limits.

Product destruction in Los Angeles

When dealing with product destruction in Los Angeles, you need a team that removes large amounts of waste. Business to business production destruction services in Corona are the perfect option for businesses of any size. We transport and thoroughly dispose of electronics, lightbulbs, ballast, unwanted merchandise and more.

Sledgehammer Product Destruction helps customers with affordable and effective waste disposal solutions. Contact us today to receive a free quote for product destruction online or over the phone at 562-210-0075.

Product Destruction Los Angeles

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