Are you looking for a way to disinfect surfaces in your hospital or medical facility using a product that sprays on quickly and doesn’t need wiping? OXYdiff can be used in any current air transfer system, including commercial sprayers and foggers. Our best-selling disinfectant at SPH Medical kills pathogens of every kind in 2 minutes, including C.diff spores, bacteria, mold, and fungi- and costs about the same as other products you’ll find from suppliers. What makes our product the better value compared with other spray applications is that it eliminates the need for safety equipment and does not need to be washed away once sprayed on a surface.

5 Quality Products We Carry At SPH Medical

1. Penetrexx Antimicrobial surface protectant disinfects and protects your facility for 30 days by creating a protective barrier that adds a bacteriostatic finish to high risk, high touch surfaces. Your staff won’t have to continuously wipe down surface areas in your medical facility because Penetrexx Antimicrobial provides around-the-clock surface protection. Key benefits include:

  • Reduced cross contamination risks from surfaces at schools, gyms, clinics, hospitals, spas, and other such places
  • Fights microbial growth between uses
  • Reduced labor while providing exceptional protection
  • Often purchased together with OXYdiff disinfectant

2. Altapure AP-4 Disinfection System emits a dense, submicron aerosol that offers three-dimensional coverage and treatment of large and/or complicated geometric spaces, including long vertical and horizontal runs. The Altapure AP-4 will achieve 100% pathogen kill of every object and item within the treatment area. Complete coverage accuracy is guaranteed without the need of direct human interaction.

3. Our Air Powered Transfer and Positioning System is an innovative product that keeps patients and caregivers safe and reduces physical stress; it’s truly one of the best air-assisted lateral transfer devices on the market today from any medical device manufacturer. If you are currently using an air-assisted lateral patient transfer system that is not working to your team’s advantage, we highly recommend taking a closer look at our product to see why so many hospitals and healthcare facilities are switching to our mobile air transfer systems.

4. We proudly supply NIOSH approved N95 respirator masks to our customers and we have a reputation for being in-stock at crucial times. If you’re unable to find a reputable supplier for masks, we invite you to browse through our mask selection to find products for every use in your facility.

5. Disposable, breathable repositioning sheets from SPH Medical can be used in short-term for patients weighing up to 1,000 lbs. A single-use repositioning sheet like the one we sell will prevent the spread of MRSA and other pathogens.

Whether you’re shopping for a quality pathogen killer, like our OXYdiff disinfectant, or are in need of medical supplies for your facility, you’ll always find what you need when you visit SPH Medical. Feel free to contact our staff at 844-377-4633 or explore the products and resources on our website to find what you’re looking for. Whenever you choose SPH Medical, you choose quality.

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