Mini Split Service Dallas

The merciless summers of Dallas call for getting your mini splits working on their full capacity as soon as possible. Where mini splits are the best alternative to heat and cool your houses as per the seasons required, their installation and maintenance should be handled by experts like Benchmark Service Quality Air Conditioning.

Mini Split Service In Dallas, TX

Our Mitsubishi mini split services are considered among the best by the people of Dallas because of our professional services, valuable experience, and in-depth knowledge on the matter. As the Mitsubishi mini split system comes with several components that require expert specialists to handle it. Let our professional team deal with them no matter what your problem is. We provide a broad spectrum of services from installing your AC unit to its maintenance and repairing.

Reliable Installation Service

If you have decided to upgrade your cooling system, it’s really crucial that your newly bought system is given in the care of experienced technicians only. Our team is well educated about the latest and old models, what’s new in the HVAC field, and much more.

This enables them to provide the best Mitsubishi air conditioning installation services in Dallas-Fort Worth. By choosing us you are committing to receive efficient and reliable installation services.

Our mini split installation professionals carry out the installation process as neatly as possible. The holes for refrigerant lines are made with such proficiency that they are hardly noticeable. Our technicians know how to install a ductless mini-split air conditioner neatly and proficiently. They cover their shoes to avoid any dirt in your house and once the system is installed they make sure that it is working at its full capacity. They will also guide you on how to use it and get the maximum out of your new AC unit.

Our installation service is backed by a 12-year warranty on all parts including the compressor. This means a 100% guarantee with no regrets included.

Unparalleled Maintenance

Maintenance and yearly service for your mini-split are very crucial. It increases the life span of your unit letting it work more effectively. To combat the heat of Dallas your cooling unit must be working properly at all times.

Timely maintenance will make sure that you could have a peaceful summertime. When you will contact us for maintenance, rest assured that your system is in safe hands.

Our certified technicians can handle all types of maintenance work effortlessly. They perform a thorough inspection and cleaning of all parts. They check the thermostat, lubricate the moving parts, recheck the electrical connections, clean the drain line, and inspect the inner machinery thoroughly to fix the fault before it creates any problem.

Professional Repair Service

Machinery items tend to create problems from time to time due to various factors. With us, you will be sure to have your time and money save and get the best Mitsubishi ductless air conditioner installation and repair.

Our technicians tend to go the extra mile to give maximum satisfaction and top-notch service of all time.

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We provide the finest indoor and outdoor heating and cooling service at a reasonable rate to residential and commercial sectors in Dallas. Contact Benchmark Service Quality Air Conditioning for the best Mitsubishi AC installation, repair and maintenance services in Dallas ,TX. Call us today at 972-790-3900!

Mini Split Service Dallas

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Mini Split Service Dallas

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