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Air conditioning is a problem that riddled the oldest cultures in the world. Romans created n aqueduct system to circulate water that regulates temperature around the home. The first inventions of fans were a significant technology leap, despite their limited cooling effect. It became critical for builders to be strategic about the window’s position and place away from the hottest sun rays during the day.

Modern air conditioning developed to accommodate the most significant heating and cooling demands in the industry. The best commercial AC companies in Miami Florida are proud to carry the tradition across the decades while ensuring you benefit from the latest technological tweaks. It should be easy for you to maintain the best cooling and heating environment, with constant repair and unit replacement. The following guide should help you know the best time to schedule maintenance with Brophy Air.

Signs you need Miami Beach AC maintenance.

Poor airflow

Adjusting the thermostat should be enough in improving airflow and reducing excess warmth or cold. In most cases, a unit that does not regulate the temperature when you adjust the thermostat needs professional repair or replacement.

Insufficient airflow is usually due to a clogged air filter, broken motor, and other serious malfunctions. We recommend investing in our maintenance program to boost the system before it develops more significant issues. The air conditioner will get the proper airflow and cooling power with accurate, affordable services.

Poor airflow also results in unpleasant odors, which spreads persistent microbial infections around the home. Do not try a DIY maintenance routine because it is essential to have the right cleaning solutions and tools to drain the system of unwanted dirt. An example is that cleaning the duct with a cloth is not nearly as effective as using ultraviolet lamps for microbial growth.

Increased energy bills

Do you notice a sudden increase in energy bills without any apparent change in the weather? It is normal to see an increase in energy bills when the commercial HVAC in Miami unit does not correspond with temperature changes. This case may be because of missing or broken pieces, which require immediate attention for repair or replacement.


Air conditioners make some low noise when you turn them on or during shut down. Sudden and rather loud noise is a sign of a problem with the cooling function. A rattle or buzz indicates a loose feature, which will typically not go away until professional analyzes and makes the proper tune-up fix.

Sometimes, the noise is due to a circuit breaker that trips because of a short circuit. Such errors need immediate attention to prevent further damage from an overloaded electrical system.

A dead unit

Dead silence is a specific indication that the industrial air conditioning in Miami has a severe malfunction. Units that need multiple attempts to switch on or suddenly die out may be salvageable with prompt and proper service. Brophy Air has an intelligent predictive maintenance strategy that aims to improve the unit’s function and stabilize the costs. We are readily available at (305) 444-6404 for speedy consultations for all types of Miami Beach AC maintenance and other related concerns.

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