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Lethbridge Fire Places

An indoor fireplace can serve different functions, from heating a room to creating a relaxing ambiance. A fireplace can also supplement a central heating system, allowing you to cut down on energy costs during winter. Aesthetically, fireplaces are available in a variety of designs with several mounting options. And, depending on its placement, a fireplace can add to the visual appeal and character of a room. While some fireplaces lean more towards one function, there are many options that can provide you with both sufficient heating and aesthetic value.

At 4 Seasons Home Comfort, we deal with gas, wood, and electric fireplaces of various makes and models. Our experienced technicians offer top-of-the-line installation and repair services for Lethbridge fire places. Additionally, our clients have an easy time choosing the perfect fireplaces thanks to the extensive inventory in our showroom.

Types of Lethbridge Fireplaces and Their Advantages

There are various types of fireplaces, and each has its cons and pros. Here are three common fireplaces and their advantages:

Wooden Fireplaces

Wooden fireplaces use wood as the source of fuel. A wooden fireplace gives your house an authentic, traditional ambiance, but it comes with a host of maintenance needs. First, to install a wooden fireplace, you need to build a chimney that enables smoke and toxic gases produced to be released outside. Secondly, you’ll need to constantly add logs to keep the fire burning and put some wood in storage. Additionally, the area should be cleaned after every use to remove ash, while the chimney needs to be swept once every year or more, depending on the frequency of use.

Advantages of Wooden Fireplaces

  • They come in handy, especially when there’s a power outage when you can’t use your central heating system
  • Easy to convert to other types of fireplaces

Gas Fireplaces

These fireplaces use natural gas. It’s cheap to install gas fireplaces if your house is connected to a gas pipeline, but it’s more costly if you have to buy refillable propane gas. You can select between gas fireplaces with vents and those without.

Advantages of Gas Fireplaces

  • They produce more heat with less energy, making them quite efficient
  • Gas fireplaces don’t require manual monitoring since they can be operated with a switch, unlike wooden fireplaces.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces use electricity, and they’re the most efficient type. That said, they produce the least amount of heat compared to wooden and gas fireplaces. Electric fireplaces have a heating coil and fan that distribute warm air into the room and can come with a screen that mimics a flame.

Advantages of Electric Fireplaces

  • Electric fireplaces are easy to install and can be placed in a variety of locations within a room
  • There’s no production of ash or toxic gases
  • Easy operation through a switch

Efficient Heating for Your House

Enviro, Majestic, Blaze King, and Bellfires are some of the top fireplace brands in our showroom. With us, you can get a clear picture of how certain Lethbridge fire places will look in your house, simplifying your selection. Our estimators are ready to visit your home and provide a quote after considering your space and preferences. Contact 4 Seasons Home Comfort today to find the best fireplace for your home: (403) 320-9884.

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