It is normal to be attracted to the outdoors on a bright sunny day, enjoy its beauty, relax and engage in outdoor activities.

 It can, however, become uncomfortable when the temperature is too high to thoroughly enjoy staying out.

A home misting system is a way of staying cool and enjoying the outdoors even when the temperature is high; it can reduce outdoor temperature up to 30 degrees.

How Does a Misting System Work?

It consists of a series of mist nozzles connected to a high-pressure misting system pump that forces water through the nozzles, which come out as tiny droplets(about 4.5 microns).

They emit billions of droplets every second into the atmosphere and automatically cool down the surrounding area.

Benefits Of a Home Misting System 

Purchasing a misting system for your homes has a lot of benefits such as;

  • They encourage lengthy and comfortable days outside for you and your family.
  • They reduce the amount of dust in the atmosphere, which is peculiar to the summer season.
  • It doesn't cause wetness or dampness because the droplets released from the nozzles are extremely tiny and evaporate quickly.

Five Factors To Consider Before  Choosing a Home Misting System

It is essential to consider some crucial factors before purchasing a misting system for your home. The best pressure misting systems have similar properties such as:

Outdoor Rated Pumps

Ensure that the pump is designed to be placed outside. This is very crucial because the pump is the primary functional component of the system.

Confirm that the pump is UV-rated and high-pressure rated. This determines its resistance to high temperature and water pressure.

High-Pressure Misting System 

Getting a high-pressure(1000psi) system can be expensive compared to low-pressure misting systems(about 100psi) and medium-pressure (250 psi).

However, it is worth it because the high system pressure is proportional to the high cooling capacity and moisture evaporation. These are important functions that only a high-pressure misting system can carry out.

High-Quality Components

Each component of the misting system is necessary. The functionality of each component ensures the overall performance of the entire misting system.

Three important components to take note of are;

  • Misting Pump: The recommended mist pump is the pulley drive pump. It is strong, long-lasting, and has a noiseless operation.
  • Misting Nozzles: The nozzle is important in expelling water and should be of great quality. The nozzle must be able to produce a large number of water droplets.
  • Mist Line: They must have tubes that can work well with high-pressure mists of at least 1000psi. There are flexible or stationary types.

Tubing Material

Another vital factor to consider is the tubing material. It is advisable to get nickel-plated tubes. They possess properties such as;

  • They are UV-rated.
  • They are well adapted to the outdoors.
  • They can withstand high-pressure misting systems.
  • They are temperature resistant.
  • They have anti-rust properties.

Before making a purchase, make sure you get the appropriate information and guidance to get the perfect home misting system. Call us or shop now at for the best misting systems: 800-504-6478/