Cool-Off has your high pressure misting systems in stock, on sale and ready to ship to you just in time for the summer. Beat the heat this season with a misting system that keeps your family and your guests cool all day long- so you can take the fun outdoors without having to worry about getting overheated. You'll save up to 37% off of the regular price of our systems, with free shipping on many items to further reduce the costs. Just click on 'Misting System' to see what's available or call one of our experts with your questions. Live Chat is available on our website as well.

What is a Misting System?

Misting systems are the newest way to keep cool while enjoying the outdoors during the intense heat of the day- they're one of the most affordable ways to provide an instant oasis from the heat. Best of all, your guests don't have to jump into a swimming pool or walk under a hose just to get cool, since a high pressure misting system won't soak clothing or mess up hair styles. Best of all, a misting system is simple to set up and requires no specialized knowledge or skills, so you can purchase one online and self-install it within minutes. Consider Cool-Off when shopping for a quality misting system- we have what you want at a great price.

Will a Misting System Really Keep Me Cool?

Imagine a 100-degree day outside instantly turning to 70 degrees- that's how effective a quality misting system is in beating the heat. The key to running an effective system is buying one that is pre-made since most DIY projects lack the proper accessories. You can consider your misting system a good investment of your money when you turn off the AC and hang out in your backyard with family & friends. If your patio becomes unusable during the hottest months of the year, installing a misting system will ensure you spend more time in the fresh air, reading, playing games, dining, or just spending time with good people.

Which Misting System is Best?

Depending on the climate where you live, you may consider a high, low, or medium pressure system. For arid conditions, virtually any type of misting system will provide relief from the heat; however, in high humidity areas, a high pressure misting system is best. In order to ensure the right type of operation for your environment, spend a few minutes speaking with one of our product specialists- call or chat live with us anytime you have questions or need assistance with your purchase.

The Cool-Off Advantage

Count on us for the quality you're looking for when investing in a misting system. Choosing quality doesn't necessarily mean you'll pay more- we'll keep prices down with instant special offers and free shipping options. We're confident you'll find us the best choice when choosing a low, medium, or high pressure misting system for your backyard or commercial location.

High Pressure Misting Systems