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When the cold winter hits in Rogers, AR, nobody wants a cold house when the heater isn’t working. If your heater is faulty, there are a few repairs you can perform before giving a technician a call. However, when the problems are much bigger than expected, your best bet is to call a professional heating company in Rogers to get the repairs you need. 

What Can Go Wrong With An Electric Heater?

Any faulty part in your heater can make the unit stop working. Thermostats and heater fans can fail. Heating elements can burn out. Power cords and switches can fail. Besides these common problems, higher-watt heaters can blow a fuse or trip a circuit breaker, stopping electricity from the circuit.

How To Identify Electric Heater Problems?

Many things can go wrong with your electric heaters. Here are some common electric heater problems.

  • The heater does not switch on: make sure the power to the unit is on and test the electrical cord, the heating component, and the thermostat.
  • The heater switches on but does not produce enough heat: check the heating elements to see if they are functioning.
  • The fan does not work: Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust or debris around the fan.

Things I Need For Electric Heather Repair

You need the following tools to disassemble the heater and remove the problem component:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Multimeter
  • Long-nose pliers
  • Adjustable pliers

Steps To Repairing The Electric Heater 

Disassemble the electric heater:

  • Unplug and let the heater cool before disassembling.
  • Pull off the screws holding the control housing to reach wiring.
  • Remove the knob and pull off the electrical leads to remove the thermostat. You may need to pull off the retaining nut to free the thermostat.
  • Disconnect the leads to remove the power switch.  

Disassemble a convective electric heater:

  • Pull off the control knobs and the rear grille. Unscrew the bolts on the back of the housing to remove the front grille.
  • Lift the control housing and pull the front grille toward you to remove the front grille. The fan, motor, and heating elements are now accessible for repair. 

Repair the electric heater:

  • Inspect the unit for hidden fasteners and screws.
  • Reveal the heating component by removing the clips, blots, and other components.
  • Use a multimeter to test each element.
  • To replace a faulty heating component, disconnect the terminal lead on each side and lift the component out of its housing. Ensure you note the element’s position so that you can easily reinstall the element’s back. 

Still Unsure? Contact Precise Heating and Air 

While you can repair minor heater problems yourself, you need to call on a professional for more complicated issues. Letting an expert HVAC technician take care of your system could be the most effective way to get everything back in order.

Don’t hesitate to call us at 479-412-COOL to schedule heater repair in Rogers if you’ve run through the steps above and you don’t still get what is going on with your heater.

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