How To Do Duct Cleaning In Atlanta Georgia By Yourself

Clean air is of utmost importance, especially in the home. Unclean ducts are habitat to viruses, germs, and bacteria. So knowing how to clean and cleaning your ducts by yourself can save you lots of money. Companies offering these services charge a lot of money and will make a fortune from you. So doing this by yourself is indeed a necessary household task.

The truth is, duct cleaning in Atlanta Georgia is not a difficult task. The task involves is using the right tools and following the necessary directions. Doing this does not involve going very deep into your duct system the way cleaning companies do. This is so because most of the dirt cluster around the register. So how will you do it yourself? What is the right equipment to use?

Equipment to use

These is the equipment that you will need.

    Vacuum cleaner and accessories hose Dust brush Screwdriver Microfiber cloth Rotary dryer

Steps to follow for your duct cleaning

1) Make the necessary preparations

The first thing to do is make adequate preparations before you embark on cleaning your air duct. So locate the various air ducts in your house. There are possibilities that vents are situated in unusual places in your home. So, locate the exact position of each vent in the system. Thereafter, take a look underneath the ducts and remove anything found there. Places to look include, carpets, furniture, and decorative items. Remove these things to avoid any form of obstruction. Prepare a stable surface to stand when cleaning those vents that are at heights. Once this is done, use paper towels to cover the supply registers. Do this by lifting the registers. This will help prevent the release of more dust into your home. Ensure to keep the house ventilated by turning on the fan from the thermostat. Thereafter, turn off the heat and cool mode of the system. Ensure to check the filter of the system and also loosen the dust on the air ducts. Making these preparations will help you to save time.

2) Clean the supply and return registers

To clean the supply registers, remove and throw away the paper towels used to cover them. Thereafter, lift the registers up and allow the fan to push out the dust from them. But ensure to capture the released dust using the hose of the vacuum cleaner. This will help avoid a situation of dirtying your home with dust. At this point, use a soft dust brush to remove any caked dust on the supply registers.

The air return registers need to be cleaned at this stage. So, use the screwdriver to unfasten the return registers. Thereafter, clean it using a broom to remove the dust on it. Then use the soft dust brush to remove any dust accumulated on them. Fasten the registers after cleaning them. This is an important procedure for duct cleaning in Atlanta Georgia.

3) Proceed to switch off the running fan and the furnace

Head directly to your thermostat and switch of the fan. Thereafter, locate and proceed to the circuit breaker or service switch thereabout. Locate the switch for the furnace and switch it off. The goal is cut off the supply of power to the system. Please do not switch on the thermostat. This is a must-do process to avoid electric shock in duct cleaning in Atlanta Georgia.

4) Vacuum the dust

There is dust in the blower compartment as well as the return air boot. Vacuum this compartment and the return air boot. To do this, you must take off the panel located on the front side of the furnace. Using the vacuum cleaner and the hose, clean this two places appropriately. These are the main places where dust can accumulate in the system. Thereafter, clean the furnace fan if you feel the need to do so. Once this is done, get a new furnace filter to replace the old one.

5)  Access and clean the main air duct

To do this, you must remove the caps found in the four-sided ductwork. Cleaning the main air ducts is not necessary but you should do it. Locate and slide the four-sided air duct to gain access. Thereafter remove the caps found in the slips. After you have gained access to it, vacuum to remove the dust in it. To do this, insert the vacuum hose into the place you removed the cap.

You must wipe the inside of the duct and its surroundings with a damp microfiber cloth. Thereafter use the rotary dryer to dry the ducts and its surroundings. This is to remove any dust accumulated on the surface.

Thereafter, replace everything that you dismantled. Put everything in their right place and position. Then switch on the power supply to your system.

You can do your duct cleaning in Atlanta Georgia by following these steps.


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